About Dr Andy Gill

Andy has 30 years experience within Children’s Services, is a registered Social Worker, operational and senior manager working at Director level, and has a PhD in Psychology linked to research into parent training. Has worked in the public, voluntary and private sectors and is passionate about making a difference to peoples lives; achieving transformational change, efficiencies and improving services. 

He is currently Managing Director of his own company and is working for Dorset County Council on a major cross council transformation programme linked to Outcomes Based Accountability (OBA)™.

As head of consultancy at Core Assets Consultancy he managed major national contracts, delivered specialist consultancy and senior interim work across children and adult services and strategic partnerships.

He is accredited under the Local Government Group Safeguarding Peer Challenge Programme. He has a national reputation on the successful application of Outcomes or Results Based Accountability™. He has successfully delivered safeguarding turnaround work in 15 Local Authorities in Government Intervention.

He was the Department for Education, Children and Learners Strategic Advisor based in the Government Office for the West Midlands. He had the regional lead on Safeguarding and provided support and challenge to Directors of Children’s Services. 

He operationally managed the Portsmouth Children's Trust and was a senior manager for Salford City City Council, heading up children's social care and safeguarding performance management and QA.

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